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Unique Design Of Helix Hotel In Abu Dhabi

Leeser Architects who are the winner of an invitation-only competition present their design of helix hotel in Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Bay. This hotel looks like a heap of plates. This hotel does not have floors but has a corkscrew from to to bottom with no clear breaks. It flows from retail to residental and hotel suites to saunas.

Helix hotel promises to make maximum use of renewable sources of energy. they use sun, wind and ocean water as the energy sources of this hotel. Here is the great pictures of this fascinating hotel. Helix hotel provides 208 comfortable guest rooms for the visitors. It also has a wide swimming area with big swimming pool that constructed on the center of this area and surrounds by palm trees.

The sun deck is provided to spoil the guests. While enjoying the pool, guests also can see the beautiful oceanic view around them. White become the most dominant color on this hotel. If you go through to the inside, you may see the comfortable place that availabe for the guests. The dining area looks like a big boat that float on the water.

You may enjoy the great taste of indoor pool with deliciuous foods. The interior looks elegant and luxurious. The abnormal shape of each floor compose a unique style and deep impression. The irregular style of the shape looks charming and attractive. Enjoy this futuristic design of Helix Hotel and feel the different.

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