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Top 5 Hotels in Qatar

5 Top Hotels in Qatar

After hosting Asian Games in 2006; Doha, the Capital City of Qatar is getting ready to host the world Cup 2022. And the one of the main objectives that Qatar’s Government needs to work on is increasing the number of their five hotels, which currently are just nineteen and their four stars hotels are twelve.

For more information check the Qatar’s propose to FIFA:,+Culture+and+Leisure/FIFA+World+Cup+2022


Among the five stars hotels that exist in Doha now, some of them have very special and luxurious design and architecture, which are inspired by the Arabic design and Islamic Culture of this company.


On the following I am going to talk about the Top Five Hotels in Qatar, Doha:

1- The Torch Doha

The Apire Tower or as it is known as The Torch Doha, was one of the main icon for the Asian Games in 2006 and let say was built for that event as its shape is look like to torch that was used in that event. It is the second highest building in the Doha after Dubai Tower with 300 meters high.

This Hotel has 51 floors and only 30 minutes far from the International Doha Airport. One thing that makes this Luxury Design more special is using of the LED lamps with twelve different colours in the exterior side of this building, which means probably whenever you pass by this building you have the chance to see it in different colour.The influence of Islamic Decoration and Arabic Design Trends are the elements that makes this Luxury Building spectacular.

5 Top Hotels in Qatar

2- Banana Island Resort :

Twenty minutes far from Heart of the Qatar, after passing the crystal clean water of the Persian Gulf, you will face with a breathtaking luxury island. Yes you are in Banana Island Resort, a place that everything is on the top world class level.
Luxury Furniture, Limitless Activities

Facilitated by 141 rooms, suites and over water villas and more and more,  will give you a chance to taste the Arabian Luxury Style.

5 Top Hotels in Qatar 5 Top Hotels in Qatar

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3-  Inter Continental Doha:

World Well-known Hotels Brand, combined its decent experience and Arabian Ideas to build an admired Five stars hotel in the heart of the business district of the Doha. With the focus on the businessmen this hotel offers the 24 hours services in all sessions, 24 hours Gym, 24 hours Business Center equipped by all the tools and equipments for the business meeting.
But More important thing about this hotel is a marvellous view over the Persian Gulf, which is very relaxing after a long business meeting!

5 Top Hotels in Qatar

4- Four Season Hotel Doha

Located in the Middle Of Doha Bay, an amazing man-made island, surrounded by the palm trees and warm and private beach, makes you to feel that you are already in the paradise.

5 Top Hotels in Qatar

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5- The St.Regis Doha

A good example of the perfection of the Islamic Architecture and Arabian Luxury Design. If you are fan of Arabian Culture and Experiencing the real Arabic life style, you have to book this hotel, from the exterior to interior this Luxury Five Stars Hotels will fade you in himself.

5 Top Hotels in Qatar

If you know other Hotels or places in Doha where one tourist is able to feel the real mean Islamic Architecture Ideas or  Arabian Luxury Lifestyle, please write it for me on the comment

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