Top 5 beautiful buildings in Saudi Arabia

Top 5 beautiful buildings in Saudi Arabia


In the last years, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was considered one of the most rich country. Beside being the world’s second largest oil reserve and the world’s sixth largest natural gas reserves, Saudi Arabia is the the world’s largest oil exporter. However, they are start to grow fast as the city starts to have more and more buildings with an amazing and modern architecture.


The top architecture firms start to invest in KSA and the evolution of the technology as huge. Beside of that, the religion – islamism – was sometimes a problem. Most of the firms are international, other from KSA but the real true is that Saudi Arabia may come be a tourist point some day, and European and USA investitures are trying to get in the KSA economy.

1* Kingdom Center Building



Kingdom Center is considered the most luxurious building in the region of KSA. “Its unique position gave it the advantage of being the best important destination for tourism in Saudi Arabia“. Also this year, will open a Cartier Shop and a Cavalli Caffé two amazing and luxurious shops that makes more visitors coming to Kingdom Center.

2* Islamic Development Bank | Jeddah


With 39 years of experience, Islamic Development Bank based in Jeddah was designed by Architect Nikken Sekkei Ltd in 1993. A business building with perfect details like we are used to in KSA architecture.

3* Al Faisaliyah Center | Riyadh


Al-Faisaliah Tower was one of the first buildings startling the Riyadh’s skyline. Designed by the architecture firm Norman + Foster was built by the Saudi BinLaden Group company in 2000. His famous glass globe was one of the most beautiful attractions being 24m in diameter and made of 655 glass panels. This tower contains a luxury hotel – Rosewood Hotel – and a mall with a panoramic view of the city.

4* Royal Clock Tower Hotel | Makkah

Saudi Arabia

A government-owned building, this is the World’s tallest hotel with the World’s tallest and biggest clock. The hotel – Fairmont Hotel – is one of the best Hotel’s in Saudi Arabia, with an incredible view of the city and giving a combining luxurious design with the warm tradition of genuine Arab hospitality.

– Owener & Developer | Saudi BinLaden Group
– Architect | Dar al-Handasah Shair & Partners

5* Al Anoud Tower in Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Close to the Kingdom Centre and the Al Faisaliah Centre in the heart of Riyadh, Al Anoud Tower have been project has been conceived by the Princess Al-Anoud bint Abdulaziz Al Jalawi Charity Organization. The development aims to generate income to fund the organisation’s various charitable projects, and as a fitting tribute to the late princess.

But in 2019, KSA will have the biggest building in the world. The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah described as “Kingdom centre… The luxury of living” reaching 1 kilometer into the sky!

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