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Timeless Class: The Fabergé Eggs

Today i decided to present you with a different article about some of the most iconic jewelry pieces in the world. They represent much more than just a stunning décor jewelry piece with an eg shape, i am obviously talking about the iconic Fabergé Eggs.

Featuring an extravagant color palette of guilloché enamel and precious gemstones, the Fabergé Eggs are an important of Europe’s Jewelry History. But did you know that these emblematic eggs and the brand that became an international phenomenon were built out of a very ordinary jewelry business?


In 1882, Peter Carl Fabergé  took over his father’s bussiness. From 1885 to 1916, the famous series of 50 Imperial Easter eggs was created for the famous Russian imperial family. These creations are linked to the glory and tragic fate of the last Romanov family that has you know was completely wiped out by anarchists after the Russian Revolution. Despite the tragic fate of their first owners, the Fabergé Eggs remain historical relevant because they were the ultimate achievement of the renowned Russian jewelry house and must also be considered the last great commissions  of objects d’art.

The series began when Emperor Alexander III, through the intermediary of his uncle, Grand Duke Vladimir, commissioned an Easter egg from Fabergé as an Easter present for his wife, Empress Maria Feodorovna. Initially planned by Fabergé to contain a diamond ring, the actual finished version, following specific instructions of the Emperor, included a ruby pendant of great value. Ten eggs were produced from 1885 to 1893, during the reign of Emperor Alexander III. 40 more were created during the rule of his dutiful son, Nicholas II, two each year, one for his mother, the dowager, the second for his wife.

In 2007, Fabergé started commissioning jewelry that reflects the history and decadence of the Fabergé brand. The Fabergé fine jewelry egg pendants represent a playful interpretation of Fabergé’s illustrious heritage, translating the iconic egg shape into contemporary fine jewelry pieces for today, featuring an extravagant color palette using both guilloché enamel and exquisite gems, offering a range of styles suitable for every occasion. With 53 different designs, the most desired models are the tassel pendants Impératrice Ruby, Impératrice Sapphire and Impératrice Emerald.

The other part of this collection, the Fabergé charms are a series of enchanting, jeweled charms to gift or collect as part of a charm bracelet. The covetable miniature charms capture the artistry and exuberance synonymous with Fabergé whilst offering a playful nod to the legendary Fabergé Imperial eggs. The most coveted Fabergé charm has to be the beautiful Emotion White Diamond Charm, featuring round white diamonds, set in 18 karats rose gold.

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