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Fashion world of the UAE

The fashion market is growing more and more in the UAE. And anyone who thinks that this is an issue that can not be explored here, is absolutely wrong. The biggest brands in the world have already recognized the value of fashion in the Emirates and Dubai Fashion Week, held in 2011, was a success.

Several names of Arab designers and brands have gained prominence, and the one that we want to show today is Roselle, a luxury label founded by the couturiers Abeer Al Darwish and Al Maha Maliky.

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Each Roselle’s piece is an expression of the luxury and elegance of the local culture, made with unique fabrics and handmade finishes. The wealth of detail is amazing and retrace in a sophisticated way, all the luxury of the region.

Today the brand has two incredible collections, a spring-summer 2012 and another with finest pieces called “Festive”. These pieces can be found in two locations of Dubai, Candella Boutique and Ush Boutique.

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To learn more about Roselle, click here and see the official website of the brand.



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