The First 10 Star Hotel in the world

The Most Exclusive 10 Star Hotel In The World

In today’s post, we would like to show you The Most Exclusive 10 Star Hotel In The World. In our previous post, we talked to you about the biggest hotel in the world that will be in Mecca in the near future, also the best hotels in Middle Eastern countries.

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The first 10 star Hotel in the world, called: The Apeiron Island Hotel (also known as “The Rollmop”, “The Pringle”, and “The Funnel”) is a high-end design concept hotel that will be located 300 meters off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon.

The meaning of Apeiron is derived from the energy sustainability of the place. Developers are interested in this US $350 million (£173 million) project, though construction dates have not been set. If constructed, this will be the first 10 star hotel built in the world.

The cosmological theory of Anaximander gave this hotel the name “Apeiron”. Anaximander believed that the beginning of time is infinite, and materials are subjected to self-renewal. As it turned out, energy sustainability concurs with this theory.

The building’s energy efficiency is very self-sustainable, there are internal louvers on the infrastructure to protect the inside from direct sunlight. In addition to that, the louvers contain solar cells to absorb the sunlight and generate energy. It is estimated that they can generate approximately 70% of its own energy. This emphasizes the Hotel’s name, “Apeiron”, meaning infinity.

Visitors can also partake in the art gallery, cinema, conference facilities, and a shopping mall. A Health Club and Spa will be located On Level 00 and -01 (under the beach); these facilities contain private saunas, steam, and massage rooms.

Also, the hotel will have different temperature-controlled freshwater swimming pools. Ascending to the 11th floor, there will be an outdoor garden with views down the atrium of the building and unobstructed view of the open sea.

Another amazing thing about this luxury place is “Butterfly Jungle”. The top two floors will include a tropical species butterfly jungle (200 m above sea level). Control temperature and adjusted humidity along with a vivid backdrop of the Arabian Gulf will all be part of the design.

So, you may be wondering, if this hotel is located 300 meters far from the cost so how you can get there. Well, you have two ways whether you have your own yacht or helicopter or you can use the hotels. But of course, this will not be a problem for a person who can pay at least 28,000 USD per night!


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