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Supperclub in Istanbul

Supperclub is a restaurant, cocktailbar, club, gallery and experimental free state all rolled into one in Istanbul. Owner Bert van der Leden explains, “Every single visit to supperclub is a unique experience. Whether it’s the food, music, performances, art, music, personnel or guests themselves, at supperclub everything revolves around stimulating your senses and releasing your creativity.”

Supperclub in Istanbul

Supperclub in Istanbul
You don’t sit at a table, but enjoy your food lying down on oversized white beds with your shoes off. Cozy, informal and the perfect way to forget about table etiquette and to simply indulge in the good vibes! The best part? No-one complains about crumbs in bed.

Supperclub in Istanbul

Supperclub in Istanbul

Supperclub originated in Amsterdam and has grown into a globally successful phenomenon with franchises in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Dubai and more franchises are on their way!

Supperclub in Istanbul

Address: Supperclub istanbul

Muallim Naci Cad. 65

34467 Ortakoy, Istanbul, Turkey

t: +90 212 261 19 88

F: +90 212 258 2358

Reservations: +90 212 261 19 88


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