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Solomon & Wu Create a “Snow Wall” in Dubai

The British firm Solomon & Wu, in collaboration with Wimberly Interiors, has installed an 18-foot-tall resin “snow wall” in the Aspen by Kempinksi café of the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates Hotel in Dubai, which overlooks Ski Dubai, the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

Kempinski-0020-main-fin-small  Solomon & Wu Create a “Snow Wall” in Dubai Kempinski 0020 main fin small e1368092839821

“The main challenge,” says Jake Solomon, director, Solomon & Wu, “was the size.” The staggering 1,110 square feet of wall with a one-foot relief of sculpted design was made in the firm’s workshops in London, with the help of CAD and polystyrene prototypes, and then shipped to Dubai. The resulting 40 sections were fit into 14 crates measuring 18 feet long and 5 feet square and shipped to Dubai to be joined together on site.

Kempinski-0028-main-fin-small  Solomon & Wu Create a “Snow Wall” in Dubai Kempinski 0028 main fin small e1368092948267

“To get a shipping company to pick this up became problematic so we ended up hiring half a cargo plane and our own logistics team to get the crates to the airport,” explains Solomon. “Once everything arrived in Dubai, we discovered that the door to the building wasn’t quite big enough so ended up making our own by knocking a big hole in the wall!”

Kempinski-0076-main-fin-small  Solomon & Wu Create a “Snow Wall” in Dubai Kempinski 0076 main fin small e1368093051867

The perseverance paid off, however, as the glass-reinforced plastic showpiece brings a touch of the mountains to the desert hotel.

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