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Salone del Mobile Set The 2018 Bathroom Trends

Salone del Mobile Set The Latest 2018 Bathroom Trends – Antonio Lupi, a Tuscan Company that since more than sixty years has distinguished itself on the Italian and International markets for their bathroom furnishing projects. A reality that continues to develop due to investments in technology and creativity as well as collaboration with international architects and the capability of design and innovation.

2018 is an important year for Antonio Lupi, which has successfully performed the most important international design and architecture fairs in the first half of the year, presenting itself in Milan with the complete restyling of its image and the launch of more than twenty novelties between products and systems for the bathroom.

The Architects Calvi Brambilla collaborated with Antonio Lupi to design the showroom and the stand at the fair, in both locations redesigning the architectural box with an intervention that focused mainly on the upper part of the space, on the ceilings, without however diverting the attention from the products and the scenographic sequence in which they are presented.

At the fair Antonio Lupi presents; sinks, mirrors, showerheads, bathtubs and accessories distinguished by great elegance, a lot of innovation and a lot of research in innovative materials; Cristalmood is the new transparent resin in various color variants studied and patented by Antonio Lupi with which the sinks Albume by Carlo Colombo and the bathtub Reflex by AL studio are presented. A resin that resembles the appearance of glass but has the resistance of solid surfaces.

Reflection in an image, in a three-dimensional picture, this is the collection of mirrors Collage, thanks to a superimposition of layers of printed glass sheets.

The Atelier furniture collection, customized by the customer, who can choose to compose the piece of furniture with the preferred handle. By changing a simple accessory, the furniture changes considerably its aspect.

The Intreccio sink, a light and elegant water basket made of a precious material such as marble. The shape of the sink recalls that of wicker baskets with their virtuous intertwining, but the final aesthetic result derives from the relationship between the characteristics of the material, the working process and the desire to limit the use of raw materials to the maximum.

The Indigo tap, like a small hummingbird, rests on the surface of the sink and the Lumen showerhead, an element incorporated into the ceiling that embraces water and light harmonically.

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