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Reyami Interiors is one of UAE’s Best Design Firms

Reyami Interiors is one of the UAE’s Best Design Firms Al Reyami Interiors is a part of the well-diversified Al Reyami Group. It was founded in the year 1994, with just five people, and has grown to be one of the leaders for interiors in the Middle East. Since inception, the Company realized quite early that the market was veering towards ‘design & build’ interior companies that are a ‘one-stop-shop’, and added massive Electromechanical, Glass & Aluminium and Joinery factories in the year 2000.


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Located in one of the most amazing cities of the world, Reyami Interiors – one of the pieces of the enormous puzzle that Al Reyami Group represents – offers a unique service. Interior ‘design & build’ services, architectural products and furniture for turnkey interiors are the main work areas of Al Reyami Group. This Dubai based Design Studio can perfectly be described as the company that will ‘make it work for you’ and that will give you a distinctive advantage.



Let’s get to know Reyami Interiors


Reyami Interiors is one of the 30 companies of Al Reyami Group, that has offices all over the world: UAE, India, Qatar, Oman, Ghana and China, employing over 800 people.

Reyami Interiors aim is, as we can read at their website, to be a ‘Partner in your Growth’ as well as to transform your concept into creation. Al Reyami Group has some of the largest furniture showrooms in the Middle East where they display a complete range of products. Also, they have sole representation of some of the most reputed brands like Knoll, Ora, Sinetica, Archiutti, Okamura, Klober and more. The greatest mission of this company is to be a global group trusted for quality and assurance.


This 5-Star luxury Hotel design is inspired in a wave in motion with a luminous green glass facade and it boasts spectacular views, substantial spaces and an abundance of natural light.


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A contemporary design surrounded by elegance and luxury, another outstanding project developed by Reyami Interiors.



This renowned restaurant, much appreciated for its contemporary Japanese food, has a modern but classic interior design, developed (of course!) by Reyami Interiors. Who else? If Koi’s most popular recipes (Koi Crispy Rice topped with Spicy Tuna, Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Tartare and Hamachi Fusion with Soy Yuzu and Truffle essence) aren’t enough to make you visit the space, we hope this amazing Interior Design does!



This restaurant inspiration really is the diversity of cultures. The origin of the name is the Arabian Goddess of Music. You will find another Ornina at Barcelona, but only Abu Dhabi’s space was developed by Reyami Interiors.



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