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Top decorating trends – Red in your Home

Dear readers,

In the last weeks I have been researching some of the top decorating trends realized in Turkey and I discovered there is a very special fetish about red color. I found several projects of interior design and furniture pieces that follow this trend and I would like to share with you.

This project was conducted by Space Architects and Designers at Tulip City  Hotel, it’s a different and irreverente project.

Red in your Home

The next image reflects the project of the designer Safak Cak, a space with a mix between  sophistication and color.

Red in your Home

Autoban reinterprets the classical chandelier. Reminiscent of an octopus, this chandelier has a globe at the centre from which legs tipped with light bulbs emerge, again in red.

Red in your Home

SKM Projects+ was established by Architect Hakan Sekmen in Istanbul with the title of SKM Mimarlık in 2000. And there is another project with red.

Red in your Home

Other exemple about the red, the new Diamond from Boca do Lobo have been a best seller in Turkey.

Red in your Home

The last one, Marnini is a store  in Istanbul and in the next image we can see again the red in this fantastic sofa.

Red in your Home  

I hope you enjoyed and inspire you for the next projects.

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