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Office Decor Ideas – Mid Century Lamps You’ll Love

This mid-century lighting design brand is famous for creating unique lighting designs that are a revival to the inspirational art and designs from the 40s to 70s. In their lighting pieces, you will find the harmony between classic and contemporary, high and low, in the integral brand’s sense of style. Their unique lighting designs are a mid-century wonderland for those design lovers who loved a project with a backup story. As most of the brands that participated in the tradeshow, DelightFULL has also surprised the visitors with some fresh new designs and we are going to tell you all about it!

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Focused on trendy mid-century lighting pieces, DelightFULL’s designs reflect a personality, a frame of mind and strong emotions are present in each detail. Inspired by jazz music, the brand’s mission is to conquer the world through unique lamps and that was exactly what they accomplished with their brand new mid-century lighting design ideas that were presented for the first time at Maison et Objet 2020!

Nancy Table Lamp:

Nancy table lamp is an art déco lighting fixture that will provide the right amount of life to your home decor and life! This lamp, inspired by the classics of the golden era, is handmade in brass and aluminum by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce this masterpiece. Nancy Table Lamp will be the right choice for your mid-century office decor of the hotel living room.

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Nancy Wall Lamp:

Nancy wall lamp is the lighting piece that will add that extra glow to your mid-century modern house. The lam is handmade in brass and aluminum and it has golden arcs, a typical art déco detail. You can turn on light with the mid-century pull chain, and get ready to enlighten your world and set the perfect mysterious, yet elegant ambiance.

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Carter Floor Lamp:

Carter floor lamp is the lighting piece your modern home decor has been looking for. Inspired by the discoveries of the universe, Carter’s modern lamp has all the details to be a memorable lighting piece. This bespoke design is handmade in brass, and it has two shades with a soft casting light that will transform any residential or hospitality project! Create the perfect ambiance with this mid-century lighting design.

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Kirk Table Lamp:

Inspired by the iconic Roland Kirk, DelightFULL’s Kirk mid-century table lamp is characterized by its artisanship. Handmade with the finest materials, this exquisite mid-century modern lighting design features brass and aluminum with a marble touch. With timeless elegance, Kirk has the perfect shape for any home office. Versatile and adaptable this anglepoise desk lamp features a boasting design that will leave an impression.

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