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Most expensive of temptations – the Chocolate

Man or Women we all enjoy a good piece of chocolate. The ultimate delight, just a little piece can take us to heaven. Known also as an aphrodisiac many/all cultures love it!

DeLafée Edible Gold Chocolate

DeLafée Edible Gold Chocolate

They can be dark, milk or with filing and even with many different flavors and we almost always like them all. In the chocolate category we also have does which are exquisite and expensive the true temptation. For you the worlds short list of the most expensiveness chocolates ever.

Petits Richart

Petits Richart

The “La Madeline Au Truffle” wins over any other chocolate this rare French Perigord truffle, coated with Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla to form its ganache , stills the first place. Followed closely by the Noka Dark Chocolate and the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, Harcourt crystal goblet laced with edible gold, and ringed with an 18K gold and white diamond bracelet that they let you keep in the end. The recipe includes a frozen hot chocolate mix that contains rare cocoas.  In the last to places we have DeLafée Edible Gold Chocolate and Petits Richart also amazingly tasteful chocolates.

All of these chocolates has a feature that distinguish them from every other in the world.



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