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M&J Artworks at Index Dubai

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International Artist Yu Jordy Fu, who is in this edition of Index Dubai, has created a series of artworks full of dreams and desires, sharp angles and sensual curves that will make hearts melt and connect with each of the inspiring pieces.


Jordy has developed this ancient technique of Chinese paper cutting to create expressive and elaborate forms which break free from the two dimensional realm to a dreamlike threedimensional landscape.

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Amongst her key artworks we can find a cloud chandelier, dream paintings and cloud lamps. The cloud chandelier incorporates the best of the ancient traditions and adds the latest technology methods to elaborate a contemporary dream world. Inspired by the spatial relationship between people and cities, this chandelier unfolds unique stories happening within the evolving shapes.

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Light is beautiful, an incontrollable source that adds spark and energy with every touch, filling every corner and adding a magical feel of flare and shine. It was this mystical feeling that inspired Jordy to create this collection of “Dream Paintings”. The sensuality of color, and the attractive perception of fluid and vivid shapes led to a creative process in which the artist connected with every painting in a way that could only be experienced right in that moment and in that place.

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Jordy has exhibited in London, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and Los Angeles, and now launches the art selection to the M&J Lifestyle company. It creates a mix of spontaneous sensations that can be experienced first-hand in personal connection with each piece at Index Dubai 2015!

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