Meet Radu Dragan, a Passionated Architect

Meet Radu Dragan, a Passionated Architect

Radu Dragan is an architect and Urban Planner that established his company, Dragan Architecture, in Paris. He was born in Bucharest where he graduated from the Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture in 1992. Radu is also a Doctor in Social Anthropology and Ethnology, EHESS in Paris and a Member of the French Order of Architects.

Dragan Architecture develops architectural projects in Europe and China, but Saudi Arabia is where most ptojects are found. Radu Dragan is a mand in constant pursuit of perfection and he is devoted to unfinished projects because there are infinite ways to alter them.

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Boutique hotel lobby

Boutique Hotel lobby and salon

Boutique hotel Salon

Boutique Hotel lobby and salon

Architecture came by chance to Radu Dragan. THe Middle East countries are the unique place where a person can do almost everything she wants and luckly Radu had the opportunity to work for these countries and develop topof the edge interior design

Medusa Stair Lobby

Medusa stair lobby project by Dragan Architecture

Meet Radu Dragan, a Passionated Architect

Transports Museum project in Doha, Qatar by Dragan Architecture

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Meet Radu Dragan, a Passionated Architect

Meet Radu Dragan, a Passionated Architect

When asked if he is passionated about his work , Radu claims to have a constant feeling of unsatisfaction. In his opinion, to work in architecture is not the best job because of all the downsides: the client’s will, budget’s complications, the rush in delivering the project. “My passion is the passion of unsatisfaction”, Ragu Dragan argues.

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