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6 Luxury Fireplaces You’ll Want to Have

6 Luxury Fireplaces You’ll Want to Have ⇒ Fireplace designs has been innovating year after year providing many living rooms (as well as other areas of the house) with the charm that these pieces of furniture can provide. Today we’re having a look at some fireplaces that will certainly give a glamorous charm to your home decor.


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This lovely suspended fireplace is a unique addition to any home especially in an apartment or loft (after all, CF + D is still North America’s leading manufacturer of custom fireplaces). Aside from capturing the eye and heart of people who dream of having a fireplace in their own home, it’s free from other inconveniences such as combustible restrictions or any safety liabilities.




This is a lovely addition to this list, seen as this example has a flower-shaped delicate design that truly enchants those who look at it. It almost reminds us of a full-bloomed body despite that same body being made out of steel. Truly a choice to light up passion into any room.


CM016 – Modern Fireplace | Bolch Design


This example is a true epitome of modern fireplace design. Not only due to it being placed in a column of all places but also the perfect way it fits in an unusual spot. This example is sure to be one to definitely capture the attention of curious guests.


The Rocket Ultra Modern Fireplace | MODUS Fireplaces


This is a true out of the box example presenting a design concept best described as being out of this world. Based on the shape of a rocket this beautifully designed fireplace manages to maintain transparency and light flow while at the same time assuring that it’s safely working.


PYTHAGORAS | glam fire


This fireplace example, more than having a timeless design, manages to represent a lifestyle. Its geometry is super precise in long edges and defined vértices, a visual that is guaranteed to make this fireplace be the main attraction in whatever the room it’s placed at.


Globe | Vauni


Right now Vauni’s Globe is the brand’s most popular product. It’s small and spheric design concept makes this product fit perfectly into any type of room, not to mention it’s easily movable. Aside from being customizable, this product was made with the best comfort and safety in mind.



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