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Lighting Fixture for your Home Décor

Author: António Sardinha

Choosing the proper lighting fixture for your home décor can be mesmerizing. Let’s take a look at some amazing types of lighting fixtures that you should have in your home. The lightings for your home can be divided into four types namely Suspension, Floor, Table and Wall. So we would like to share some astounding examples of each group which could be the perfect fit for any home interiors bringing new atmosphere, sensations and luxury design.

Suspension Lamps

  • Etta Chandelier: This glamorous suspension lamp has a nostalgic feminine retro glow. Courtesy of the jazz singer Etta jones that reshape your home interior design.

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  • Scala Chandelier: It has been poetically made from the most beautiful Swarovski crystal, combining classic and the contemporary style in a unique piece full of emotions.

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  • Heracleum Lamp: by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders is a masterpiece which incorporated the force of nature with the crown and leaves.

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  • Botti Chandelier: This lightings embodies all the details of wind instruments which is handmade in brass and covered by a golden mantle.

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Floor Lamps

  • Clotrane Floor Lamp: With the inspiration from the jazz music, Coltrane creates monumental design with 3 iron tubes which gives a magical lighting effect for architectural environments.

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  • Lula Da Terra: This simple yet elegant design makes Lula desirable is two colours of gold satin or lacquered tobacco.

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  • Hanna Floor Lamp: A vintage handmade floor lamp which is in the memory of the famous jazz drummer Jake Hanna, Hanna floor lamp is offered in gold and white.

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Table Lamps 

  • Turner Table Light: With the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position, Turner table lamp has arcs in brass and with the top cover in aluminum lacquered in glossy white.

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  • Cyrus Table Light: Inspired by the Persian king Cyrus the Great, Cyrus table light is made in polished brass.

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Wall Lamps

  • Yew Wall Light: With geometric brass shades and fabric inserts, Yew wall light is available in a left & right handed version so a pair can be mounted with opposing arms.

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  • Simone Wall Light: It is a handmade lamp in brass and the lampshades in aluminum with a visible textile wire and the nickel plated details.


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All the images are extracted from the respective company’s websites.

We hope that these lighting and lamp ideas assist you to redecorate your home and its interior design. What do you think about this Lighting Fixture? Don’t forget to subscribe our blog and follow us on Pinterest.







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