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Karakoy Restaurant

The Karakoy is a turkish restaurante in the heart of Istanbul. In this space you can find turkish cuisine lunch service and taste international flavors.

Karakoy Restaurant

Karakoy Restaurant

If you visit the Karakoy you can appreciate the view in the front side of the Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower and enjoy a delicious menu with chestnut stuffed cabbage, sea bass, bundle, ravioli, boeuf strogonof, lemmon pie, caramel cheesecake and custard-like gummy flavors available. The Chief Bedriye recommends you a creamy vegetable sauce.

Karakoy Restaurant

Karakoy Restaurant

In this place, there is live music every night. In addition, weddings, parties and  all kinds of events.


Kemeraltı Caddesi No:8
Bankalar Hanı Kat: 6(Teras Kat)
34424 Karaköy – İstanbul
Telefon:(212) 244 6808-09



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