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Karakoy Restaurant

The Karakoy is a turkish restaurante in the heart of Istanbul. In this space you can find turkish cuisine lunch service and taste international flavors.

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If you visit the Karakoy you can appreciate the view in the front side of the Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower and enjoy a delicious menu with chestnut stuffed cabbage, sea bass, bundle, ravioli, boeuf strogonof, lemmon pie, caramel cheesecake and custard-like gummy flavors available. The Chief Bedriye recommends you a creamy vegetable sauce.

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In this place, there is live music every night. In addition, weddings, parties and  all kinds of events.


Kemeraltı Caddesi No:8
Bankalar Hanı Kat: 6(Teras Kat)
34424 Karaköy – İstanbul
Telefon:(212) 244 6808-09



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