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Interior Design Trends 2019 – Indigo Blue is Here to Stay

Interior Design Trends 2019 – Indigo Blue is Here to Stay ⇒ Indigo blue is one of the biggest colour trends of 2019! In interior design, this bright shade of blue can be used to create a clean statement. You don’t necessarily have to paint a whole living room with indigo blue, but you can try to accessorize with a few inky blue details. Things pillows, vases, flowers, even an armchair are perfect. Mix it up with different styles and dimensions to create depth in your room and see it all come together.


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The iconic Mansfield chair is the ultimate mid-century modern masterpiece you’ll want to have in your home. Combining the velvet retro touch with the 60’s sleek lines, it is an accent barrel chair atop a sophisticated swivel polished brass base.




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Sophia is a particular bench seat sofa that draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Mid-century Modern Design. It is upholstered in velvet and stitched from the top to the bottom. The base is made of gold plated brass and it has button tufted sides. The slight degree reclining turns it into a lounge sofa, and the pastel customizable colours are what draws anyone further in the beauty of this piece.





One of the most classic pieces of the collection, this armchair impresses with its mid-century inspired look and incredible design. This leather upholstered armchair has a slender boxy look and curvy arms, a typical mid-century look.



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