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Interior Design Ideas With Pantone Color Of The Year

Each year color authority, Pantone announces a breathtaking collection of shades destined to  inspire the interior designers spread across the globe to redefine the boundories of architecture, The pantone color of the year for 2018 is ultra violet. The energizing hue has a spirited yin-yang vibe that blends the soothing stability of blue with  the fiery vigor of red. To help you explore this plethora of options  here is some suggestions to keep your interior architecture on the track.

Purple and  Red

Combing Ultra violet with red is a rule-busting décor trick that beautiful works. Typically interior designers work with  contrasting hues and monochromatic color schemes. But in this living room the two shades have a dramatic impact.

Neutral Living Room

In this small space  by the interior design firm, M. House Inc., an Ultra Violet Rug anchors a living room with a mostly neutral color scheme.

Violet Bedspread

This colorful bedroom is a modern mix  of minimalism and maximalism according to Black Lacquer Design. The firm, which  designed space, turned a wall in the bedroom into a floor to ceiling abstract painting. The violet bedspread is the acessory that pulls all the hues in the room together.

Painting the inside Of Cabinets.

Here the hue adds a surprising bolt of color to a cupboard in a home by Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design.

Cover  the Ceiling With  Colorful Wallpaper

Decorating a tiny apartment has it challenges but that does not mean you have to stick with neutral colors. In this micro abode spotted on 6sqft, violet walls are topped off with geometric wallpaper.

Ecletic Living Room

This eclectic, Los Angeles home by Vidal Design Collaborative proves that pretty much every color in the rainbow plays nice with purple

Violet Kitchen Island

Punching up a kitchen island with a fresh lick of paint is an easy update that does not require a longtime commitment.

Mismatched Dining chairs

This idea from Nexus Designs takes mismatched dining chairs to the next level with violet paint.

Violet Monochromatic Bedroom

Bright colors unify all the décor in this Brooklyn townhouse by SPG Architects. In the monochromatic bedroom, a soft shade of violet grabs the helm.


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