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Injecting Life into Corporate Interiors

Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1978, Planters is now the largest interior landscape company in the Gulf Region.

It is specialized in the supply of superior interior landscaping, offering the very best in terms of design, range of products and on-going maintenance.

Planters are unrivalled within the United Arab Emirates and a fierce contender worldwide, having won yearly awards from the British Association of Landscape Industries since 2002, as well as receiving the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme Award in 2003.

Planters-largest interior landscape company in the Gulf Region

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Corporate interiors all seem much the same, but while interior decorating dramatically improves the often mundane interiors of offices, you need to look further than inanimate objects to really make an impression.

Elevating Client Perceptions

The psychological impact of plants are well documented to both improve client perceptions of businesses and increase the productivity of employees, so it is surprising how often interior landscaping is overlooked within the corporate world.

Injecting Life into Corporate Interiors  Light Space Design’s Plant Wall by Planters Horticulture


Injecting Life into Corporate Interiors Light Space Design’s Plant Wall by Planters Horticulture-2

Projects like Light Space Design (above) are an example of the impact interior landscaping can have. Other examples of corporate interior landscapes that completely change the feel of an area include the Zen Gardens at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

Interior landscaping can either fill a large expanse with interest or beautifully complement elements of architecture and interior design; they can either highlight certain areas or provide the focal point of a space – the options are limitless.

Zen Gardens at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

Appearance is Everything

Keeping interiors pristine and well maintained speaks of attention to detail, which psychologically ensure that clients feel as though their needs will be well taken care of. On the other hand, poorly maintained or dusty interiors are associated with a lazy attitude towards business.

Landscaping Options

The award-winning Planters Group have two branches of interior landscaping – Planters Horticulture, whom specializing in living plant installation and maintenance; and Viridian, whom focus on preserved plants and foliage for interiors with little natural light.

landscaping – Planters Horticulture

Ever innovative, Planters constantly come up with new approaches to interiors and allow your space to stand out above the rest with dynamic new technology and plant systems. With Planters you can stay a cut above the rest, and a step ahead of the competition.

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