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Huda Kattan beauty blogger extraordinaire receives over one million hits every month in her site ( She’s as become an ambassador for some of the biggest brands in the industry and also has her own line of lashes selling at Sephora Middle East – this lady is no one-click wonder.

Huda tells us how she transformed a dotcom dream into a profitable reality…


  Why start a beauty blog?

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty, while helping women understand and feel more comfortable with make-up inspires me. I used to email my friends with all the best beauty tricks. It just made sense to reach a wider audience with a blog.



Why are your vlogs (video blogs) so important?

Vlogging is such a great way to demonstrate certain techniques and also engage users visiting the site.

What inspired you to launch your own line of lashes?

I’ve been wearing false lashes for over a decade. I was flooded with questions asking how to apply them and what was my favourite brand, so my sisters and I decided to create our own collection.

How important is social media?

I love social media. I’ve been a Facebook fan since the beginning when it was only available at MA universities in the States. I also have Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, all of which I update as much a possible. Social media is super-important and can literally make your career.

Why do you think has been so successful?

I think the most important thing is to keep it consistent. So many bloggers start, get all excited, post loads of stories and then stop! It’s important to keep it going and keep it interesting.

Do you ever switch off from technology?

No! I blog at the weekends, in the evenings, while on vacation – it’s become a lifestyle for me.

What are the beauty blogger perks?

Obviously I get to try some amazing products, but what I really love is seeing so many women wearing the make-up looks I do on my tutorials.

What’s next on the horizon?

I’m releasing more beauty products, so watch this space…

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