As a landlord, you know that how your property looks is one of the main aspects of enticing tenants. It is essential to put money into the appearance of your property portfolio. With so many apartment developments springing up throughout the country, potential renters will always be able to find something better than a well-used house that is in need of a lot of attention.

living room

Communal Areas

Areas such as the lounge, kitchen and bathrooms are likely to be the communal areas of your property. The key thing to do within these rooms is to cater for the appropriate number of people who will be living there. Tenants will not be impressed if they come to view a property which is only suitable for 2 or 3 people but which actually is meant for more. For instance, appliances and furniture should suit the amount of tenants as well as the space. It will not be attractive if there is furniture squeezed in to a box room lounge and people will be so close to each other they are practically sat on top of each other. Bathrooms should be decorated and new suites installed where needed so that there are no leaks and therefore no issues for tenants when they move in. Make sure you have these areas cleaned before anyone comes to view the property.


Individual Rooms

If you are renting rooms individually then each bedroom should ideally be of similar size. However if this is not possible, you may want to charge different prices for each room depending on its size. Keep the colours neutral in each room and make sure there is appropriate bedroom furniture. A wardrobe, side table and bed are essential if you are offering the property furnished. Whether you carpet the floor or lay wood flooring is completely up to you but it may be cheaper to install carpet and this can always be replaced when a new tenant moves in.


Outside Areas

It is an advantage to have an outside area with the property and this is especially true if you are looking to rent to families. If your properties have large outside areas then creating different sections could be very attractive to viewers. Install a decked area which can be used for outside furniture and barbecues. If you only have a small outside space, it will be far more beneficial to install a low maintenance decked area to sit on than use turf. Millboard will also be far easier to maintain and keep clean for the tenants which must be a positive.

Miller patio, cropped


Remember that the first thing that people will see when they come to view your property is the exterior. You may think that the windowsill which has a little paint peeling off it or the rust on the door handle is not an issue, but these are details that people are bound to notice. Make sure that you tidy up the outside area if there is a front garden or courtyard. This will create a positive feel for the rest of the property.


This post was written by Amy Bennett on behalf of Millboard the residential and commercial decking experts.
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