How to create a colorful bathroom design

How to create a colorful bathroom design

Whether you dream of a relaxing bathroom with spa paint colors or a bold bathroom with an attractive color scheme, the options will always be limitless. Due to its size the bath is the perfect place to try funky wallpapers, bright colors, or even different decorating styles from the rest of your house. On a small scale it’s easy to go bold without going overboard. Today,  Designhome is going to present you some ideas to create a colorful bathroom design.

How to create a colorful bathroom design

If you’re having trouble choosing one wall color, why not go with 3? Golden is a bold, sophiticated color to complement a black-and-white color scheme. Maison Valentina pieces are perfect for a bold and elegant bath.

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If having a totally colorful bathroom seems a bit too much for you, try adding just a few colorful accents. The key is to pick the right wall to be the focal point of your modern bath.


If you are not a fan of colors, incorporate some neutral shades. If decide to choose a neutral palette, don´t forget to add some distinctive elements to your vanity.

When it comes to adding color to a bath, colorful furniture is a bold idea!  Consider using attractive colors to the furnishings and  keeping the other surface neutral for balance.

Decor items are essential in the bath décor. A bath mat or a rug can infuse color into the space without forgeting the functional purpose in bath rooms , which is the shower.

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One common thought is that bathrooms are often smaller than the other spaces in your home so you don’t need to worry about decor items. However, a few pieces of decor are the secret to making a contemporary bath.



If you are not afraid of color, this place is to go big! The pink vanities are a soft contrast against the white buffet and mirror and make this space perfect for any girly girl.


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