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Get your own Great Gatsby’s ambiance

There’s no scape to the ultimate trendy: It’s time to rescue the Jazz feelings and transport them not only to the cinema , when you feel Great Gatsby’s magic, but also to real life! Jump out of the big screen: Jazz is a way of living, a kind of eternal spirit that lives in the most selected bars.

Its sophistication is shown in the restoration of old movies that turn to be major successes: Jazz is, absolutely, King! It’s time to adapt that style to your own way of being: and where do we feel more unique and authentic? You got it right: home, where else? Get a cozy vintage lighting with Delightfull iconic designs and feel inside Great Gatsby’s movie! To better restore this authentic time travel, choose Duke floor to the corner of your living room, while the sound of jazz echoes from an old vinyl, spreading the sound through the other rooms.  Decorate the mid-century console with Turner table  and choose a strategic lamp to brighten the center of the room: the classic & sexy  Sinatra suspension lamp will attribute that old vintage cinema look.   We guarantee you: you’ll feel as trendy as ever!

Take a look: Deligthfull

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