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Get Inspired by This Luxurious Contemporary Office Space

 For this project, the clients expressed to Sicilia Shine a desire to have everything in a calm and rich color palette, and the interior designer fulfilled that whish by combining wooden elements, marble tiles, bronze profiles, glass, leather, fabrics, and gold. Entering the Office Design there’s a big white conference table from i4 Mariani s.r.l, with a gorgeous chandelier from Sans Souci designed to follow the ceiling’s opening structure and incredible supporting pieces by Boca do Lobo and LUXXU. All in all we can use spotless, bright, and elegant to describe this stylish and fresh Office Design by Sicilia Shine from Finesse Art & Design Bureau.

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This one-room project has a low and contemporary ceiling, which the designer used to their advantage and gave it an even more luxurious touch with two showstopping chandeliers.

The refined work of Sicilia, through an attentive dedication to details, reaches its apogee within this contemporary project, flowing into an inspiring opulent Office Design in the city of Limassol, Cyprus. There is a geometric tempo throughout the design, with straight lines and smooth rounded paths.

Right beside this area, there’s a sitting lounge space. This space is filled with opulent Boca do Lobo furniture, from the center table and sofa to the sconces and the side table. Taking center stage, the Lapiaz Center Table brings sophistication vibe to the room and combines perfectly with the Imperfectio Sofa and Imperfectio Armchairs around it, which are the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life.

The gold and discreet Soleil Sconces on the wall were carefully chosen to combine with this sumptuous scenario, and the Monet Side Table also marks his shy yet gorgeous presence. In the round ceiling, an exuberant chandelier from LUXXU illuminates the space and gives a classic touch.

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