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Gardening Essentials: Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to cast an enchanting spell on any outdoor space. Today, Design Home brings you some ideas that will allow you to creative a distinctive mood just by illuminate a setting. Besides, outdoor lighting adds beauty, safety and security to your home. A well-designed lighting plan will dramatically change your new home’s landscape. Take a look at some of the best outdoor lighting pieces and get inspired by them.

Wire Weave Lamp – In Spaces

Gardening-essentials  (4) This Wire Weave lamp consists of nickel-plated mesh wire interwoven with tiny lamps. The sculptural-looking light source comes with a two-metre cable and is suitable for use with a 25-watt bulb.

Solvinden – Ikea

Gardening essentials  (1) We love stringing up fairy lights in the garden, and Ikea’s Solvinden decorative elements add that little something to the overall effect. Available in a range of colours, including these simple but beautiful white versions, the mini lanterns can be popped over the bulbs of your fairy lights and are easily interchangeable for added versatility.

Handcrafted Moroccan Pendants

Gardening essentials  (6)


Gardening essentials  (5) These pendants are very special because they are carefully hand crafted in iron, but having a bronze finish and they are pierced in two different patterns. The motifs that are crafted into the bronze lamp shades cast strange shadows on the walls when they are lit and this brings the mystery of the African continent into your home. They are inspired by the street lanterns of Marrakesh and look amazingly well.

Coltrane Outdoor Lamp – Delightfull

Gardening essentials  (7) These luxurious outdoor wall lights can convey a unique personality that breaks all the monotony of the everyday life. The lighting piece can be use in different interior design projects and its light is very soft so it can be adapted into an indoor lamp or an outdoor light.  A contemporary modern lamp design for a modern and sophisticated family.

gardening-essentials Floral Lanterns – Zara Home

Gardening essentials  (3) For a more classic take on the traditional lantern, try this glass and aluminium option from Zara Home. The jute handle gives it an ever-so-rugged edge and means the pretty tealight holder can be hung up wherever you please.


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