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Echo of Arabian influence in iSaloni Milan

As you are reading this article, iSaloni Trade show is running in Milan, Italy. This great international event at the beginning on 1961, was founded as a vehicle for Italian furniture producers and exports to meet their potential clients and to expand their market to other countries.

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Echo of Arabian influence in iSaloni Milan

However nowadays, it acts as a great chance for the other companies from other countries to get into Italian Markets, where many world well-known interior designers and architects are based in and if they will be lucky enough to launch a working relationship with them as Italy is struggling with financial difficulties and this has made the business for Italian Companies tougher.


What I would like to focus on in this article is the influence of Western Asian Cultures or as it is more known to, Middle East Culture on the some products that are presented in this trade-show and the glamorous and Luxury that these pieces of art represented in this show.

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1- Camilia – Cabinet, KOKET

Inspired by the beauty of the Peacock and one of the main character in the many old stories and myths through Middle East countries. Known as a symbol of beauty and wisdom.
The Color of Gold in this luxurious piece is from Gold Leaf.

Echo of Arabian influence in iSaloni Milan

2- Stone – Side Table from Soho Collection, Boca Do Lobo 

Inspired by Islamic and Arabic Architecture, Boca do Lobo has made this hand made side table from Oak Wood to make it even close to the Arabian Style.

Echo of Arabian influence in iSaloni Milan

3- Mecca Collection, BRABBU

Mecca Side and Center Table from Brabbu, by their name clearly these pieces present which they were inspired by, Mecca the most desired place to be for any Muslim and Arab. The influence of Arabic Design and Islamic Trend are shinning in this piece.

Echo of Arabian influence in iSaloni Milan

4- Morocco Side Board, Mobi

From the Turkish producer, this Side Board is representing the mix of Arabic Design Style and Modern Style and the perfect mixture of them to create a new style for luxury furniture.

Echo of Arabian influence in iSaloni Milan

They are so many other beautiful pieces in iSaloni this year that each of them has its own characteristic and it is true to say that among 2500 companies that attend this year to this show they are good Asian Companies from the east and west part of this continent or other companies from other countries who have been inspired by the reach cultures of this area and all of them gave the different colors and taste to iSaloni this year.



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