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Dream Dubai – Live a vacation of your lifetime

Dubai stands today as the jewel of the world in terms of being a world class tourist destination breaking their own records all the time, in excellence and supreme standards in serving esteemed tourists from all over the globe. Over the past decade Dubai has risen skyward in terms of both offering a lucrative opportunity for business and being one of the top three vacation resorts of the world. It isn’t much of a surprise to know why Dubai is a ‘hot’ destination for vacation: the unrivalled skyline dotted with astounding and sparkling sky scrapers, crystal blue water, best brand mega shopping malls and festivals, grand hotels and apartments, Dubai is undeniably a dream come true vacation where fantasy embraces reality.


With the number of tourists exceeding 1 million and counting, there is always a busy season in terms of hotel and luxury apartment bookings. That’s the reason why the hotel industry is booming and getting grander and grander every day to cater to the elite of the world including rock stars, world leaders, celebrities, royalty and other rich and famous people. Some of the grandiose and super luxury hotels which add to Dubai’s infinite charm are, the Hilton Dubai, Mirage Dubai, Jumeirah Beach hotel, the Palace downtown Dubai, Le Meridien Dubai and the infamous Burj ul Arab to name a few.


Other than the luxury hotels there are short-stay apartments in Dubai as well to cater to your needs and give you even more luxury and privacy depending upon your budget. There are excellent luxury apartments which are well-furnished to ensure your comfort in Dubai namely, The Palm Dubai, Palm Courts, Oasis Beach Tower apartments, City Premier Hotel apartments and My Dubai Stay apartments. These Luxury apartments take pride in giving over the edge facilities to its clients. From the minute housekeeping details to offering the best of the nature i.e. desert, water and lush green Dubai offers you so much that is a true joy ride to experience.

Dream Dubai - Live a vacation of your lifetime

Not only just luxury and super elite suites, Dubai makes an equally amazing travel destination if you are looking for a good economic package. Do not fret as Dubai is welcoming and its wonders are open to all. Desert safari, a ride on the luxurious yachts even ice skating Dubai is your one stop vacation solution.

Dubai today is the new name of luxury relaxation and class. It’s both physically and metaphorically an oasis in the desert where you find the perfect heaven.

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