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Dining Room Decor Pieces You’ll Absolutely Adore

Dining Room Decor Pieces You’ll Absolutely Adore ⇒ If you’ve fallen into a design rut, this is the perfect article for you! We picked just for you the perfect pieces for your dining room decor, so you can put together a luxurious yet contemporary dining room! We bring you two curated design pieces from two of the best luxury brands in the world, so you can bring the ultimate luxury design into your space.


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Angra Sideboard


Heritage Dining Table by Boca do Lobo


Boca do Lobo is a Portuguese Design Brand whose pieces were inspired by the Portuguese discoveries and architecture. One of the main typical Portuguese architecture detail is the use of painted tiles or azulejos. Inspired by that feature, Boca do Lobo’s design team created a dining table that resembled the national’s roots: Heritage Dining Table.



The Heritage Dining Table, much like its sibling Heritage Sideboard and Cabinet, is a highly sophisticated piece inspired by Portuguese history through the use of traditional hand-painted azulejo tiles. Its noble design features bold lines, with alternating polished brass, bevelled mirror and azulejo strips and a tempered glass top, which reflect your dining room’s finest elements, yet adding a touch of warmth and finesse.



The details of this table are absolutely mesmerizing! The best part is that this piece is handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these masterpieces in order to elevate design and craftsmanship. Since it’s handmade, you can customize it and change the colour, type of material and even size of the dining table.


Brubeck Floor Lamp by DelightFULL



But, of course, a home decor wouldn’t be complete without the lighting fixture. We selected a mid-century modern floor lamp by DelightFULL with a contemporary twist that would be a perfect combo with the dining table. Brubeck is handmade in brass and you can customize it. Change the colour, the finish, the size and the type of bulb and turn it into your bespoke lamp!




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