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Top Luxury Hotel in Beirut – Byblos Sur Mer

Just a 90-minute drive outside of Beirut is one of the great historical ruins of the Mediterranean.  Byblos was almost forgotten by the rest of the world during the Lebanese Civil War that largely left the area undisturbed.  The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, dating back to 5000 BC, Byblos Sur Mer is its first luxury resort property situated on the ancient Phoenician port. Rising above a saltwater fishing harbor off the main waterfront, the hotel is wrapeed within a series of crisp linear architecture and masonry accents that blends into the historical landscape.  


Inside, dramatic picture windows and fluffy seating areas mark a more textured luxury abuzz with fashionable Beirut weekenders. The hotel is home to three equally respectable eateries including a gourmet arm with glass-bottom floor suspended over an actual ruin, more casual bistro and waterfront beach eatery for summertime dining. The hotel offers a burgeoning yachting scene with private mooring that’s picked up considerably in the last years with a nearby coastline unrivaled in the Eastern Mediterranean. 


The Room:

A series of 20 entry-level guest rooms and 10 suites offer a gilded version of Lebanese luxury with even the most modest room offerings featuring impressive sea views. Bathrooms feature 4-fixture amenities with marble details and oversize vanities with baroque mirrors and cushy linens. Larger suites are laden with marble floors and split room layout of large living area with red velvet sofa and King size bed under a ceiling strewn with crystal chandelier. Most upgraded rooms feature step-out terraces with sea views and small seating area for complimentary in-room breakfast or romantic sunset dinners catered by a choice of three in-house eateries.






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