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Best Places for Ice Cream in Dubai

Do you know where are the best three places for Ice cream in Dubai? Design home reveals the secrets.

1. Morelli’s

A Dubai favorite, unlike heavier American ice cream Morelli’s uses a lighter, custard base of milk with sugar and eggs. This yummy and less filling mixture creates an ice cream with a smooth and creamy texture as done for Italian gelato. The original Morelli’s Gelato opened in 1932 in Broadstairs, Kent, United Kingdom and now has shops all over the world with its flagship store located in Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. Specialty sundaes and inventive flavors, you’ll find shoppers stopping by Morelli’s at all hours of the day.

2. Bacio Caffe & Gelateria

The authentic Italian gelato at Bacio Caffe & Gelateria was recently voted to be one of the best ice cream parlors in town. It’s light, creamy and made from the freshest ingredients. Apparently, a little gelato every now and then can be good for you according to owner and Bolognese native Cesare Celli. Be sure to try one of Bacio’s signature gelatos: a mix of chocolate, hazelnut and crunchy coco chips- a gelato experience not to be missed.

3. Cone Street

JBR walk is filled handsome eateries, restaurants and cafes but until recently was lacking a good ice cream parlor. Cone Street, the cute and cozy gelatoria located on the first floor of the Rimal building is a great addition. Choose from a wonderful variety of ice cream flavors and then take a stroll along the scenic JBR with your gelato in hand.

What they have in common besides tasty ice cream? The superb interior decoration and the sweet furniture, full-color to the flavor of ice cream.



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