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Best bathroom decor ideas

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A bathroom is a very important space in our home. Is a space to relax and where we can take care of us. So Design home will give you 3 tips to decorate your bathroom. With decorations tips you will create a luxury bathroom with the most trendy design ideas.

Marble Bathroom.


Marble is always a great choice for a bathroom, it is a perfect material for a calm and relax environment. White marble gives a luxury and contemporary decoration to every space. The delightfull lamps on the wall are a perfect choice for this bathroom. White and gold makes a very good combination.

Copper Bath & blue walls


If you want a luxury bathroom you must have a bold and exquisite bath. Copper is a luxury material perfect for a luxurious decoration. A dark blue for the walls and a copper bath will give an expensive look to you bathroom.

Black & Gold Bathrooms.


If you like a strong and bold decoration Black walls with white decor it is a great decor tip for your bathroom. You don’t need to accessorize to much, just need to choose a big strong chandelier, a luxurious side table and with little details. See more side table in Koket. 


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