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Beirut Design Week 2013

Beirut Design Week 2013 is dedicated to promoting all Lebanese designers, who have been playing a vital role in the formation of the city’s contemporary design identity and culture. These include product designers, furniture designers, communication and graphic designers, fashion designers, interior designers, architects, design educators, service designers, design thinkers, social designers, design researchers, publishers, universities, schools, institutions, companies, boutiques, studios, communities, and galleries.

The MENA Design Research Center (non-profit organization) is bringing you the Second Annual Beirut Design Week. Unlike traditional fairs and exhibition, this is an opportunity to enjoy 7 days of exploring all aspects of local design throughout our city. As an annual event, all participating designers showcase their work by opening up their shops and studios and hosting various events.

During Design Week 2013, a series of events including the Launching Opening Night, the main BDW13 Conference, the Poster Competition: Beirut 2090 Exhibition, as well as other exhibitions, talks, workshops, open studios and parties will be taking place in various parts of the city simultaneously. This year the week will also be organized in such a way that each day will be dedicated to a certain part of the city with a program that allows the audience to explore every nook and cranny without missing out on any of the events.


This year, to ensure a truly collaborative initiative, we have elected a group of designers from different disciplines and parts of Beirut to help us build an even better Beirut Design Week. The members are:

Nada Debs, Johnny Farah, Sarah Beydoun, Tala Hajjar, Cyril Najjar, Pascale Wakim, Wyssem Nochi, Gregory Gatserelia, Marc Baroud, Karim Chaaya, Dina Kamal, Nada Zeineh, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, Ayssar Arida, Hani Asfour, Sarah Hermez, Lara Balaa and Rana Salam.

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