Stacey-Dining-Table-based-upon  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Stacey Dining Table based upon e1361532008948

Based Upon is a studio of artists and designers creating highly acclaimed, large-scale artworks, architectural surfaces, and sculptural furniture. The short film below gives you an idea of the work that goes into a Based Upon creation.

Based Upon from Based Upon on Vimeo.

The studio is often inspired by natural and urban landscapes and explores these themes through the use of archetypal forms and patterns, which weave together personal, social and historical narratives. Many of its pieces are the result of a journey in which the artists map a location or personal history by venturing into a natural or urban environment, taking physical casts of the landscape and recording photography, film and sound. These records become the building blocks for a piece of art or furniture.

Fragmented-Crack-Coffe-Table-based-upon  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Fragmented Crack Coffe Table based upon e1361532200625

Based Upon is a pioneer in modern craftsmanship, creating finely detailed pieces which celebrate many types of stories. From personal family histories to the vision and heritage of commercial and public organisations, Based Upon has created commemorative works for the headquarters of some of the world’s most treasured brands as well as bespoke artworks, furniture and interior installations for the world’s finest superyachts, homes and palaces.

Fracture-Table-based-upon  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Fracture Table based upon e1361532343536

The studio is well known for working in intricate detail and at monumental scale. The work is handmade in Based Upon’s London studio. Based Upon was established in 2004 by twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell and is currently a team of 32 based in London but working extensively across the world.

Sonjia-Dining-Table-based-upon  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Sonjia Dining Table based upon e1361532423194

Twist-Table-based-upon  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Twist Table based upon e1361532552152

Based Upon Studio will be exhibiting at Design Days Dubai 2013 and Wandering Knightsbridge is one of the Meaning commisions that will be presented. Meaning comissions are unique artworks that offer a new perspective on bespoke. The works begins with an element that is meaningful to the commissioner. They are works of essence, rich in significance, narrative and provenance.

Wandering Knightsbridge

At 5.5 metres x 3 metres, this work in varying tones of bronze was created by wandering the streets and pathways of Knightsbridge, London, documenting though photography, film and blue spot casting. The map is reconstructed in layers, as memory would have it, giving scale and prominence to the architectural elements and narrative histories which stuck in the mind. It is in our nature to create in this way.

Wandering-Knighsbridge  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Wandering Knighsbridge1 e1361532865826

We like to get into a landscape and to record it: its images, its sounds, its natural textures and the life it plays canvas to. These elements become building blocks back in the studio when they are reinterpreted as casts, etchings and textural marks. The piece hanging in Montpellier Hall, commissioned by Danielle Quieroz, is intended as an invitation to discover the streets and alleys that encircle the property.

Wandering-Knighsbridge  BASED UPON AT DESIGN DAYS DUBAI 2013 Wandering Knighsbridge 3 e1361532688463

Narrative murmurs and architectural glances nestle within a façade of classical map-making. What reads as a network of avenues and squares is a layered construction of streetscapes and elevations, woven with nature, illustration and a peek at the characters who inhabit.

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