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The world’s tallest building – Luxurious and Sophisticated Hotel

Inside the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, lives one of the worlds most luxurious and sophisticated hotel, Armani Hotel designed and developed by Georgio Armani himself.

Reflecting the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that define Armani’s signature style, the hotel is offering the customers a Stay with Armani experience.

Every detail in the hotel bears the Armani signature, beginning with the warm Italian-style hospitality and moving to each element of the design from the Eramosa stone floors to the zebrawood panels, bespoke furnishings and personally designed hotel amenities.

Sophisticated colors, clean lines and unique textures blend together seamlessly with the tower’s stunning architecture and natural light to create an atmosphere of calm serenity where guests can retreat into a world of minimalist elegance.



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