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A Superb Residence By Hirsch Bedner Associates

Based in Santa Monica, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) is an international firm dedicated to hospitality design as well as residential projects. Since 1965, the leading design firm has been continuously concerned regarding the pulse of changing industry trends, which are mainly directed towards today’s modern traveller. Quite recently, HBA has designed a superb Altamount Residence that will be the focus of my article, so get ready to be inspired and step inside a beautiful residence.

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HBA’s worldwide presence and wisdom of experience allow them to recognize interior design trends at their origin, make forecasts about new directions and influence design patterns worldwide. Hirsch Bedner Associates builds the signature looks of today’s luxury brands, independent contemporary boutique hotels, spas, restaurants, urban resorts and more. All around the world, each HBA interior results in a unique and sensitive response to location, architecture and client vision.

Hirsch Bedner Associates has created various Show Flats and Marketing Suites in a diversity of foreign places. Full design, spatial planning, detail, colour psychology and accessory selection and arrangement complete the holistic path to developing a bespoke design for sale. Altamount Residence in MUMBAI, india is the latest design project. One of the most iconic furnishings from this unique project is the Eden  center table designed by Boca do Lobo.

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Lodha’s Altamount luxury residences were inspired by the multilayered urbanity and culture of Mumbai. A small palette of materials is implemented throughout the space in varying finished and sizes to add richness. Architectural lighting plays an important role in enhancing and complementing the layered experience throughout the apartment.

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