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5 Amazing Design Projects That Will Inspire You !

Design has the ability to touch our deepest emotions. And portuguese design is eminent when it comes to surprise.

Next you find five outstanding design projects that will touch your hearth and make you look again and again.

All the selected projects celebrates those interior designers whose vision and courage defied the conventional and  found in  handmade design pieces all the inspiration needed to come to new and exciting design concepts.

Palais FG – Austria, by Denis Košutić

Denis Košutić has a practical vision when it comes to interior architecture. Emphasizing design has matter of consumption and not as a monument to eternity he redesigned the interior of a Baroque Austrian Palace giving to this historical landmark a contemporary look and a sophisticated soul.

With iconic pieces from Boca do Lobo – a portuguese luxury furniture brand – this palace features a golden wallpaper, pink colourful curtains and bright sofa.  This design project displays the unique vision of the artist.

Private Residence – St. Petersburg, by Ekaterina Lashmanovoy

This project was born through Ekaterina Lashmanovoy vision. Elegance and good taste coexist in this interior architecture project where the mirror provides a sense of depth.

The apartment consisted of a quarter circle the round walls had to be leveled by a smart disposition of the cabinets, radius cornices, and curtains. Portuguese design is also present giving shape to the artist vision.

Casa Decor Madrid, Spain by Pepe Leal

Pepe Leal, was the Spanish designer responsible for decorating the Portuguese space at Casa Décor Madrid in 2016. Gathering pieces from more than 20 different Portuguese brands his choices sucessfully displayed the exquisite and cosmopolitan soul of portuguese design.


Countryside Residence – Italy, by Diff. Studio

This exquisite combination of classic and contemporary style was carried out by Ukrainian firm Diff-Studio. With different light accents that creates a sense of levity in this interior design project you find a wide variety of styles that goes to mid-century floor lamps and gorgeous italian sofas to beautiful and defying bold elements.

Lakeside Villa – Switzerland, by Eric Kuster

Located in Switzerland, this contemporary villa was conceived  by the interior design Eric Kuster. This home was thought to meet the highest of standards. Featuring the finest materials, large windows merge the indoors with the outdoors providing an overwhelming view to the lake.

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