Top five Restaurants with the best views ever

There are few things better than enjoy a excellent meal in the end of an afternoon, and if the place for this provide a astonishing view, this experience may be an unique and sophisticated arousal of feelings.

 If you’re planning your next travel, write down the names of these places and don’t forget to visit and enjoy the tastes, smells and most of all, the view.


Top five Restaurants with the best views ever 1854 Bar and Lounges Uptown Jumierah

Uptown Bar – Jumeirah Beach Hotel: located in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s 24# floor, Uptown Bar has a spacious terrace with an amazing view of Dubai’s skyscrapers. The list of drinks and cocktails counts with options that may please all kind of tastes.


Top five Restaurants with the best views ever 41817316 H1 BTTHBK SN 0711 Vertigo1 1024x768

Vertigo & Moon Bar, Banyan Tree: Specialized in vegan and seafood, this restaurant is 61# storey high and counts with a covered space next of the bar, that offers an incredible view of the city.


Top five Restaurants with the best views ever KuDeTa Singapore045

Ku Dé Ta, Marina Bay Sands: Marina Bay Sands hotel is unmistakable, with a terrace that occupy the top of the three towers that constitute the hotel, the place shelter a pool, a disco house, restaurants and bars, between them, Ku Dé Ta, with a singular view of Singapore.


Top five Restaurants with the best views ever ipad art wide IndigoShanghaiView 420x0

Char, Hotel Indigo, Xangai: The place offers a 270 degrees view of Xangai, what include the skyscrapers, Xangai downtown, and Hangpu river. The menu brings varieties of meet and seafood grilled.


Top five Restaurants with the best views ever 3bg3

Brisa del Mar, Hotel Duquesa de Cardona, Barcelona: The last floor of the Hotel Duquesa de Cardona is split in two spaces separated  by lavender bushes, in the first one there’s a pool, and in the second, a restaurant and bar with an singular view of the city’s seaport.



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