TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I


Middle East is a region full of talent in the field of architecture. Today, Design Home presents you the best architects and figures who have a huge influence in the GCC. This power list is divided is two parts and has the top 10 of international figures, and the 10 who have a continued presence in the Middle East, showing a commitment to this part of the world.

1) Brian Johnson  – Godwin Austen Johnson

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (1)

This British architect began his career in 1973, in London, before moving to Dubai two years later, where his company became a synonymous of growth and prestige.

2) Raj Patel – KEO International Consultants

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (9)

KEO combines modern and large scale projects with traditional aspects of form and pattern. The company is also at the forefront of thye region’s sustainable design and the architect himself as a strong commitmentto brining on young talent. Kuwait’s Gulf University is just one of the designs which bare the hallmark of Raj Patel.

3) Jamil Jaddallah – National Engineering Bureau

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I NEB is a company which has been the driving force in the growth of much of Dubai. A huge number of projects in Dubai marina are the work of NEB which is a company with a commitment to the design of affordable housing with practical and functionality at their heart. Jaddallah has continually emphasised the need for homes in Dubai for people who are not among the top earners.

4) Stephan Frantzen – P&T Architects

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (6)

Sustainability and a holistic approach to design are vital in the work of Stephan Frantzen whose company won this year’s Middle East Architect of the Year Award for hospitality with the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah. A global force in architecture P&T continue to be an important voice in the development of the UAE.

5) Paul Priest – MENA Benoy

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (7)

The winner of the Middle East Architect title of Principal of the Year, Priest was behind Dubai’s The Beach – one of the most talked about projects of 2014. He has tripled his company’s business since taking over in the top role and his company is at the forefront of many developments set to take off in the coming months.

6) Mohammed Al Assam – Dewan

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (8) The man responsible for one of the most well-established practices in the Middle East Al Assam is very much a hands-on member of a team which consists of around 300 professionals in the design and build field. Recent projects include the ADEC School in Abu Dhabi.

7) Emad Jaber – Lacasa

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (2)

Lacasa is a company which works across the GCC, but also maintains operations in more unusual markets in the region such as Libya and Sudan. Palestine is also a thriving area for its business activities. The firm has been in the region since 2006 and offers a complete design, engineering and construction service.

8) Christos Passas – Zaha Hadid Architects

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (3)

Christos Passas has responsibility for Zaha Hadid’s major project in Dubai – the mix-use Opus which resembles a melting ice cube. On hold since the global financial crisis the project is now taking shape in Business Bay.

9) – Tareq Abu Sukheila – Gensler Middle East

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (4)

With more than 20 years experience Tareq Abu Sukheila holds an MA in both architecture and civil engineering as well as a BSc in architectural engineering. He has worked in the UK and USA as well as the GCC and is particularly committed to the social benefits of projects.

10) Simon Moon – Middle East Atkins

TOP Architects in the Middle East – Part I (5)

The Dubai Opera House is just one of the major projects currently being undertaken by Atkins, a company which is also very active in transport infrastructure across the GCC. Mosr sustainable and connected communities are the current priority for the UK-based firm.

Source: DesignMENA



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