Splash 2012 by Tejal Patni

Have you heard about Tejal Patni, a enthusiastic photographer from Dubai? Tejal Patni offers and imaginative look into the decades to come and illustrates what living on another planet in the future may resemble.

Splash 2012 by Tejal Patni SPLASH CALENDAR 2012 DAY2 79170 e1346251946878

Because this year could apparently be the world’s last, Patni focuses his artistic vision on a fictional world of new begginings where where he shows that humanity has colonized another planet.

Splash 2012 by Tejal Patni SPLASH CALENDAR 2012 DAY2 78694 e1346252053163

The photos Design Home is sharing with you today were created for the fashion label Splash, this sci-fi photo series is actually a 2012 limited edition calendar that has been created to promote the brand.And, although you won’t find any blue chrome dresses, this calendar should definitely get fashionistas browsing the brand’s online collection of fun, hip fashions.

Splash 2012 by Tejal Patni SPLASH CALENDAR 2012 TEJAL PATNI 6 e1346252127967

So if you’re looking for some stylish new duds that you can actually wear now and throughout the rest of 2012, then mark a day on this calendar by Tejal Patni and plan for some retail therapy at Splash.



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