Middle East design gallery Carwan Gallery

Carwan Gallery was founded in 2010 by the architects Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Pascale Wakim and it is the first contemporary design gallery in the Middle East.

“Carwan” refers to the caravanserai where traveling caravans would pause to rest – desert enclaves of culture, traditions, and the trading of objects from near and far.

Carwan gallery opened in Beirut to promote a theory and practice that recalls this concept of the voyage as a slow, concentrated exploration, full of discovery and exchange: Western contemporary design is invited to interact and evolve with the time-honored techniques of Eastern craft, creating a flow of influences and vitality between the cultures.

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Middle East design gallery Carwan Gallery

Middle East design gallery Carwan Gallery

Middle East design gallery Carwan Gallery

Carwan Gallery specializes in contemporary limited-edition design objects and art. Carwan originally operated as the Middle East’s very first pop-up design gallery, participating in numerous international and local design events.

Middle East design gallery Carwan Gallery

With the mission of internationalizing design in the Middle East, the gallery exhibits bespoke projects and limited edition objects, focusing on special commissions of internationally renowned architects and designers, using carefully chosen materials and methods of production.

The gallery has been invited to showcase its exhibitions at the most important art and design fairs in Dubai, Basel, London, New York and Miami, and has curated design exhibitions in numerous museums and art centers.

The gallery represents artists such as Bernard Khoury, India Mahdavi, Michael Anastassiades and Vincenzo de Cotiis and many others.

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