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Boca do Lobo‘s design studio worked very hard to create an exquisite home safe that is not only fantastic to look at, but also very, very safe. Knox luxury safe shows the capabilities of our designers and artisans and it represents the nirvana of treasures, an impenetrable luxurious place to guard the world’s most precious possessions.


What’s the inspiration behind the Knox luxury safe? The US army base Fort Knox.

This is the place where where most of the gold of the USA Government is held. Security is essential, and like the army base, our Knox safe is impenetrable. It can only be opened by inserting the right code in the center of a luxurious brass casted handle inspired by the movie Goldfinger.

"Knox safe by Boca do Lobo

Knox luxury safe by Boca do Lobo


Knox luxury safe is more that a place to keep your things. This is an art piece made by the best artisans. It’s a functional, beautifully designed home safe that will change your perception of hyper luxury.

The Knox safe by Boca do Lobo is highly customizable. You can make it as unique as you want.

If you want to know more about the Knox luxury safe and about the Private Collection By Boca do Lobo click HERE.




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