boca-do-lobo-lapiaz-coffee-table-luxurious-center-table-latest-projects  LATEST MODERN COFFEE TABLE FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM boca do lobo lapiaz coffee table luxurious center table latest projects

A modern coffee table makes a big statement in a living room decoration. There is coffee table for every style, rustic, modern, contemporary but this year the big trend are modern coffee tables! DesignHome know how much you like to be informed about the latest design trends so we create a list with the latest design modern coffee table furniture for your living room.

Take a look to this modern coffee tables and choose the perfect one for your dreamy living room!

Studio-Nomad-coffee-table-functional-coffee-table  LATEST MODERN COFFEE TABLE FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM Studio Nomad coffee table functional coffee table

David Tarcali, member of the Budapest-based Studio-Nomad, designed a coffee and side table collection called ‘3LEGS’.

abyss-table-by-duffy-luxurious-coffee-tables  LATEST MODERN COFFEE TABLE FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM abyss table by duffy luxurious coffee tables

The super creative coffee table that you’re seeing is a limited edition the Abyss Table designed by Christopher Duffy for Duffy London.

lapiaz-luxury-coffee-table-luxurious-design-worl-latest-design-projects  LATEST MODERN COFFEE TABLE FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM lapiaz luxury coffee table luxurious design worl latest design projects

Boca do Lobo latest design is an luxurious coffee table named Lapiaz.
Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table. The french word is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates. This is how Lapiaz luxury coffee table emerged. Imagine a stone freezed and freshly cracked to show the intire world a rich, golden interior.

DESIGN HOME will continue to give you fantastic news on the Luxurious design world. We like, as much as you, to read all about the next design event, the the latest trends of fashion, travel, exquisite home design, the latest trends, the best designers and so on.



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