Interior Design Trends – How to Get the London Glam | Design Home

Interior Design Trends – How to Get the London Glam

Interior Design Trends – How to Get the London Glam ⇒ London is known for being one of the most iconic cities in the entire world, it’s one of the most important centres for business, fashion, and design! And today, we’re going to show you some amazing mid-century table for your home decor that will give a London look to your home decor.



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It is an outstanding piece with a moody and delicate nature that makes this an irresistible armchair. Using a rich velvet upholstery, Grace Armchair has a layered composition, combining a polished brass base with a solid back made of ebony wood. The mid-century turned modern armchair features a unique design that is highly inspired by the armchairs of the ’50s and ’60s.




A pub table inspired by mid-century modern design.  Crafted from Verde Guatemala marble and a solid polished brass leg, it is supported by a round marble base. Its green tone adds a timeless look to the table that can be used as a bar table on living space or a vintage cocktail party.




Sipping on a cocktail next to your bar cart never looked so good with Baughman, a mid-century bar cart with a stunning design you won’t resist. With Baughman, anything is possible. This bar cart doesn’t just look the part but also does it perfectly with its practical wheels and retro luxurious design. With a structure in polished brass and walnut wood, with a glass top and practical wheels, this bar cart is the centrepiece of any home bar.


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