The Most Influent Architects In Middle East

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We have a continuous search for the best of the best every day, with that in mind, today we will present you The Most Influent Architects In Middle East. In order to help you searching for that one of a kind architect that can build you the perfect beach house in Dubai? A breathtaking penthouse in Abu Dhabi? Or a flat with a view to the historical center of King Abdul in Riyadh? Pay close attention to all of the powerful minds we present you.


The world well-known architect and managing partner of one of the companies that have become synonymous with the growth of Dubai´s architectural landscape, Brian Johnson and his company have been the winners of numerous awards. Johnson has designed some of the most famous buildings in the UAE, including the Dubai Creek Golf Club.

architects The Most Influent Architects In Middle East Brian Johnson 581x400 1 1 Raj Patel – The man behind Kuwait´s Gulf University, a subtle and careful use of Islamic icons and structures. He has worked for some of the best firms in the world, such as SOM and Perkins & Will. For over a decade he has been one of the most influential people in the region when talking about design, Patel has recruited a team at KEO which combines modern and large-scale projects with all kind of aspects. He is also very vocal about the importance of the sustainable design.

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National Engineering Bureau is a company which has been in the driving seat regarding the growth of Dubai – apart from the sky risers which typify the emirate to a global audience. A high number of projects in Dubai Marina are the work of NEB which is a company with a commitment to the design of affordable housing with practical and functionality at their heart. Jamil Jaddallah has been a strong voice talking about the need for homes in Dubai, thinking about the people that are not among the top earners.

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The Viceroy Palm Jumeirah is an award winner project planned by Stephan Frantzen, owner of Middle East Architect of the Year Award, where sustainability and development design is a most, for him and for P&T. The company is a global force in architecture and an important voice in the continuous expansion of the architectural spectrum of UAE.

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The winner of the Middle East Architect Title of Principal of the Year, Paul Priest was the man behind Dubai’s The Beach – one of the most discussed projects of 2014. He tripled his company’s projects since taking over his company, he also ensured that he is at the leading position of many developments services in the region.

architects The Most Influent Architects In Middle East Paul Priest


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