How Top Luxury World is Influenced by Middle East Nature

* Written by Rita Gomes

Design Home, after studying the influence of the Arabian Culture and Middle Eastern Myths, this time would like to present an article about How Top Luxury World is influenced by Middle East Nature and also to show how all of us somehow unconsciously inspired by this mythical and old region.

Middle East Nature Through Top Luxury World

As design home is all about the interior design and introducing inspirations especially Arabian inspiration ideas for your home, here we will present to you some selected pieces, inspired by nature elements, like as: Butterflies, Flowers and wild world.

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Nymph Chandelier:
Butterfly, an amazing creature in the wild world that turns itself from a normal worm to the most beautiful things that you might ever seen in the nature.

Middle East Nature Through Top Luxury World And, who can ignore the positive spirit of it through his home. Nymph chandelier is one of the pieces that deploys this natural inspiration through its design

Middle East Nature Through Top Luxury World

Spellbound Cabinet:
We just talked about butterflies and their wonders but how can we not talk about the something that their always in love with and not get inspired by them, Flowers.

Middle East Nature Through Top Luxury World Flowers have been always part of the Middle East´s Culture, Islamic Culture and even Islamic Architectures. Even in the fashion design world the fingerprint of the flower´s inspiration is clear to all of us.

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Middle East Nature Through Top Luxury World

Spellbound Cabinet also tried to not miss this inspiration of the flowers, something that turns this piece from a normal cabinet to an luxurious cabinet.

Middle East Nature Through Top Luxury World

In the following article, we try to look after more inspiration from Middle East Nature through the world of luxury.
You can also help us by giving us some more example of the things that you see around of yourself.



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