Exclusive designs made by inspiring people

Design was often made to serve functionality. But some talented designers bring something more.Boca do Lobo always proposes exclusive designs made by inspiring people. Discover the Emporium chair – limited edition – by Marco Costa. You never saw something like it.

Exclusive designs made by inspiring people emporium chair head designer boca do lobo e1369905543888

Marco Costa is a self-taught artist and he finds his inspiration in Surrealism. He transcends design and function into a more intense experience. In hour case here the chair has only 3 legs !

Exclusive designs made by inspiring people image0023 600x272 e1369905739422

This piece was conceived with the goal of questioning the notion of space and what is established by usage or not. 2 main parameters are interesting to highlight despite the design and construction: the usage of Aluminum and the different colours proposed.

Exclusive designs made by inspiring people Capture d     cran 2013 05 25    09

There is a sense of fun and frivolity but as the same time it has something of dramatic. A brilliant paradox. All hand-crafted. According to Boca do Lobo: “Marco dares to create a design piece so eloquently because the focus of his approach is to explore the fragility of our humanity by revealing the beauty in imperfection“.3 colors are available today: Silver, Gold and Copper.

Exclusive designs made by inspiring people Capture d     cran 2013 05 25    09

To learn more about this amazing designed object, check Boca do Lobo’s website:

Perfection can be many times boring, so spice up your life with this amazing chair by Marco Costa.


Via: LuxuryActivist



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