Best Place to Shoping in Turkey

Best Place to Shoping in Turkey

If you will visit Turkey, you need to know the top shopping streets, these are the best places to find everything you need.Galip Dede Street: winds downhill from Tünel in the Galata district of Beyoglu. This small cobbled street- named after the 17th century Sufi poet- is the place to go to buy music and musical instruments in Istanbul.

Best Place to Shoping in Turkey

Bahariye Street: This pedestrianised street in the Asian district of Kadikoy is a popular shopping area for locals. In harmony with the laid back style of the surrounding area, Bahariye Street is packed with reasonably priced stores, smaller boutiques and popular chain operations making it especially popular with students and middle class Turks. For these reasons, it is often compared with Istiklal Street in Taksim.

Best Place to Shoping in Turkey

Besiktas: An odd mix of European grandeur and 1970’s-style functionality, Besiktas rises up from the Bosphorus in its own mish-mashed style. It is instantly recognisable by its jaw-dropping collection of Turkish flags zig-zagging overhead as well as its many naval artifacts. Due to its good transport links, reasonable rental prices and close proximity to the city’s universities and entertainment options, the area is a popular place of residence for Istanbul’s middle classes and large student population. 

Best Place to Shoping in Turkey

Istiklal Caddesi – Istiklal Avenue – Taksim: Istiklal Caddesi (Independence Street), arguably Istanbul’s most famous street, is located in the city’s Beyoglu district on the European side. Formerly called Cadde-i Kebir (Grand Avenue) or the Grand Rue de Pera, its name was changed following the foundation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Literally millions of people visit this wide and gracious pedestrianised boulevard each day to enjoy the multitude of shops, cafes, bars, art galleries, restaurants, cinemas, churches, synagogues, mosques and embassies.




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